Step by step, brick by brick—we’re building something great.

Where We Started

30 years ago, the Iowa River Landing was little more than an idea. Where others saw an aging industrial zone, we saw potential for retail and entertainment, parks and bike trails, and a shared space that would serve as the central hub for the Coralville community.

As time passed, our vision began to take shape and support for the project grew. After the completion of the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, more businesses joined our budding neighborhood, and the very first residents began moving into their condos.

Where We’re Heading

Today, the Iowa River Landing is home to dozens of local stores and restaurants, offices, museums, an intermodal transportation facility, lifestyle and health care amenities, and more. But even as our dream marches closer to completion, we continue to look towards the future.

In 2020, the finished Iowa Arena will fulfill a promise we made to our community by bringing a large-scale entertainment venue to the Coralville-Iowa City area. Not only will this provide a home for local athletes, it will allow us to attract visiting artists, entertainers and events that bring the outside world closer to home.

With our friends and community at our side, we look forward to seeing what the next 30 years has in store for the Iowa River Landing.