EV Charging Stations | Iowa River Landing | Coralville, Iowa

On Sunday, October 19, you can meet local owners of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Iowa River Landing; cars like the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and Tesla Model S. While there, you can see some of the public Electric Vehicle charging stations installed by the City of Coralville.

Plan to attend to learn about the car owners’ day-to- day experiences and to take a test ride in these most modern of automobiles. This event is not affiliated with any dealer or corporate manufacturer. These are your neighbors sharing what they have learned about EVs and offering test rides in their own, personal vehicles.

Event Details

October 19, 2014, 1-3 PM
West Parking Ramp, 921 Ring Road, Coralville, Iowa
Located next to the new UIHC Clinics building off 1st Ave. Coralville, Iowa

Enter the parking ramp on ground level by the UIHC Clinics. Test rides and information sharing will be at the back of the UIHC ground level parking deck.

More On Electric Vehicles

As a future of cleaner air, energy independence and home-grown renewable energy approaches, Iowans are beginning to consider the new crop of Electric Vehicles (EVs) appearing on our streets; cars like the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and Tesla Model S.

Modern Electric Vehicles provide effortless, instant acceleration, low energy costs (electricity is about one third of the cost of gasoline) and almost no routine maintenance required (no mufflers, oil changes, spark plugs, air filters, tune-ups or emissions controls of any kind).

Iowa is producing over 27% of its electricity (with more on the way) from wind energy and Iowans are taking advantage of both Federal and State incentives to install solar panels at their homes and businesses to make their own “car fuel”. Using electricity in our automobiles keeps fuel dollars in our local economy and builds sustainable jobs for Iowans.

This event is promoted in cooperation with the City of Coralville and EV Iowa. EV Iowa is a group of local Iowa enthusiasts for Electric Vehicles; https://eviowa.wordpress.com/.